CCC Support flowchart

Chaos Emergency Response Team (CERT)

DECT: 112 | | FAQ

The CERT takes care of all emergencies and problems that require medical attention.
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Awareness Team

DECT: 113 | | @c3awareness | FAQ

The Awareness Team supports you in mediating conflicts, and can offer you a quiet place if you need one.
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DECT: 110 | | FAQ

Working closely together with the CERT and the Awareness Teams, the security team supports you in conflicts and all matters concerning your security.
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DECT: 1199 (acute) or 2884 (general) | | @c3auti | FAQ

The c3auti team offers support for people in the autistic spectrum. Offering a silent refuge, c3auti is eager to support you before any problems arise so that you can have a great event.
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Arbitration Board

DECT: 117 | | FAQ

To ensure everyone's freedom and security at our events, the arbitration board can employ sanctions against individuals.
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