CCC Support flowchart

Chaos Emergency Response Team (CERT)

DECT: 112 | | FAQ

The CERT takes care of all emergencies and problems that require medical attention.
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DECT: 113 | | @c3awareness | FAQ

You can contact the Awareness team if you experienced discrimination or harassment, want to deal with conflicts or emotions, or simply need someone to talk to. The team members will listen to you and, if necessary, think about possible courses of actions with you.
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DECT: 110 | | FAQ

Working closely together with the CERT and the Awareness Teams, the security team supports you in conflicts and all matters concerning your security.
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DECT: 1199 (acute) or 2884 (general) | | @c3auti | FAQ

The c3auti team offers support for people in the autistic spectrum. Offering a silent refuge, c3auti is eager to support you before any problems arise so that you can have a great event.
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Arbitration Board

DECT: 117 | | FAQ

To ensure everyone's freedom and security at our events, the arbitration board can employ sanctions against individuals.
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Inclusion Operation Center


We're here to improve the accessibility of chaos events. We provide a point of contact for operation centers, assemblies, speakers and visitors. We are here to help with all accessibility-related questions.
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