If you have ever attended a CCC event, you will know: There is a world out there and there is our world. Unlike traditional conferences where visitors receive an all-round service for their admission fee, our events depend entirely on volunteers making it all possible.

What brings us together is not what we already know, but what we still want to learn. This exchange of knowledge is only possible if we approach each other with an open mind and with an attitude of mutual respect and support.

We want to create an environment characterised by tolerance, respect, curiosity, fun, openness to communicate, friendliness and consideration.

Our events are created by volunteers for volunteers. This will only work if all participants adopt the following principles:

All creatures welcome

"The Chaos Computer Club is a galactic community of living beings, independent of age, gender, ancestry or social status…"
Preamble of the CCC statutes

The more diverse our experiences and backgrounds are, the more we can broaden our horizons and enhance each other.

That is why the Chaos Computer Club, according to its statutes and its members’ intentions, is a galactic community for all life forms. Consequently, we want to offer all participants at our events a safe and enjoyable experience, regardless of age, gender and sexual identity, physical or psychological circumstances, ethnic, regional and/or religious affiliation or origin, external appearance or socio-economic status.

Those who are not committed to this kind of openness have no place with us.

Be excellent to each other

Hackers should be judged by their acting, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position.
Fourth tenet of the hacker ethics since 1984

We are unwilling to tolerate any harassment, discrimination or transgressive behaviour at our events. Active consent of the people involved is the prerequisite to being excellent with each other. This applies – though not exclusively – to physical contact, relationships, capturing on film or photo, consumption etc. Self-chosen names and pronouns are to be respected and used.

We would like to call on everyone to become aware of structural inequalities and of resulting privileges, and to take personal boundaries seriously. Respect the boundaries that others set for you. If your own boundaries have been transgressed, let people know and contact our support teams if necessary.

If you witness any such behaviour at our events, please raise your voice, support the people who are or have been subjected to such behaviour and encourage others to do the same. Contact one of the following teams via DECT or in person:

You can count on their support.

Please report severe or repeated violations of these principles to the arbitration board. The arbitration board will respond to violations by issuing warnings, imposing restrictions or exclusions from events.