c3auti is dedicated to the needs and problems of people on the autistic spectrum and/or with AD(H)D. We particularly offer support to parties concerned in acute situations such as meltdowns, overtaxation or sensory overload. We do so by caring for or accompanying them e.g. to a relaxation room. Of course we are also available for preventative measures, before it gets too much for someone.

If you get in an overload, meltdown, shutdown, or similar situation and need acute help, you can reach us under the seperate DECT number 1199 during the event from 08:00 till 04:00 (unavailable between 04:00 and 08:00). Times stated are in 24 hours format.


About us

Our team consists of autistic people of diverse backgrounds and levels of CCC event experience as well as people who have experience in responding to our needs (and whom we trust).

Originally offered as a service by the Chaos Mentors, we are now an independent team working closely with the awareness team and the CERT.

Where we help

From our own experience, we know that an event with thousands of people can be not only overwhelming for neurotypical visitors but also overchallenging at times.

This is why we want to

  • help you in acute situations
  • support you before anything gets too much
  • support you with matters that would be impossible without support
  • advise you if you have any questions regarding autism (also if you are not autistic yourself)
  • help you determine if an autistic person needs your help

How we help

We are available by phone around the clock and have access to several rooms, of which at least one is exclusively reserved for c3auti.

  • We seek solutions for you, everyone is unique
  • We offer a relaxation room
  • We pick you up and only ask the most necessary of questions
  • We do not touch anyone without permission
  • We mediate and accompany you in difficult situations, such as the registration desk
  • If waiting in a long queue is too exhausting for you, please talk to us
  • We put you in contact with the CERT and the awareness team (in case of emergency, please always contact the CERT first)
  • We will not leave you behind