Each supporting team offers a variety of ways to get in touch. One of the easiest ways is calling them via the local DECT network. Even if you do not have a phone yourself, one will always be nearby.

What is DECT?

We operate our own cellular and DECT phone network on site. Anyone can join this network by either

  1. Registering a standard DECT-Telefon via eventphone.de or
  2. Using one of our special SIM-cards in your cell phone.

I do not have DECT!

If you need help and do not have your own DECT phone, any angel can help you. You can recognize them by the badge dangling around their shoulders. In the unlikely case that there is no angel in your immediate surrounding, you can always find them at:

  • any bar
  • any entrance
  • the Infopoint
  • "heaven", the angel's headquarters
  • any other "official" counter or booth

At any point in time, hundreds of angels are on duty, so you should never have problems finding a person with a DECT phone. Of course, you can also approach anybody carrying a radio transceiver.

For the duration of the event, you can reach our DECT-nummbers from the regular cellurar and landline phone networks by adding the dialing prefix +49-4644-38299-[DECT]. For example, you can reach the CERT at +49-4644-38299-112 from your regular cell phone.