The Awareness-Team supports you in mediating conflicts and can offer you a quiet place if you need one.

For example, we can offer help in case of intimidation, sexual harassment, stalking or discrimination of any kind (e.g. against people with disabilities; racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia). Naturally, we are also there for you in much less dramatic cases. Please come talk to us if you are looking for support.



What is awareness?

For all of you who only have a vague idea of what “awareness” means, we would like to briefly introduce our work: Being aware means to care for oneself and others, in particular if their appearance or behavior does not meet predominant social norms. This is meant to create the mindfulness that is necessary to create an atmosphere of being excellent to each other.

Awareness means to accept other people’s individual boundaries. Humans make various diverging, sometimes even traumatic experiences in their life. This is what makes each and every one of us unique. And this is why individual boundaries must be respected regardless of whether we can understand or comprehend them in all detail.

What can you do for me?

We do our job without moralisation: We take a stance against encroaching or molesting behavior and not individuals. We explicitly do not intend to label or judge anybody as a perpetrator. Instead, we aim to promote sympathy and respect for one another and each other’s boundaries. When the violation did not happen intentionally, we try to sensitize for future behavior.

Last but not least: We will first ask you what has happened and whether you already have an idea what you would like to do and how we can support you. In case you do not have an idea yet, we’re ready to support you in developing one.

During Congress, we are available for you 24 hours a day. So please approach us if you experience problems – also, if you just need someone to talk, a quiet place, or any other kind of support.