Das CERT (Chaos Emergency Response Team) is a team of professionally trained doctors, nurses, paramedics and diversely trained medics, firewomen and specialists in crisis intervention.

They take care of all emergencies and problems that require medical attention. Whatever sickness or injury you come up with, the CERT is your place to go to. This team also makes sure that fire safety regulations are adhered to and emergency routes are unblocked.


About us

Did you ever feel sick or have an accident at Congress or one of our Camps? We hope not. But if so, then you probably know the Chaos Emergency Response Team (CERT). It is a team of trained medical and fire prevention personnel who help in case of need. They ensure a safe and sound event and aim to reduce dangers of all kinds.

It is twenty years ago this year since the idea emerged to have an emergency team of our own. At 19c3, the actual CERT we know today came into existence and has grown ever since.

It is not only responsible for medical help but also for assisting in a crisis situation. That is why the team includes professional psychologists, mediators and crisis intervention specialists. If an intervention of any sort is required, you can count on the CERT.

In case of a severe medical emergency, the CERT is equipped to help like any professional emergency vehicle could. The team also covers a wide range of issues, providing first response to medical emergencies, fire prevention, and making sure that emergency exits and escape routes are always unblocked.

In case you need help, just call 112 on every DECT phone or pay the CERT a visit in the main hall ("Glashalle"), at level -1. Every „Angel“ – as we call our volunteers – with a radio or a DECT phone is able to alert the team of first responders. You can also reach the CERT via Twitter but please refrain from using this channel for emergencies.