CCC as a galactic community of individuals is proud of two fundamental principles all creatures are welcome and be excellent to each other.

Diverse teams like CERT, Awareness Team and Security support and aid attendees in conflicts.

In very rare cases, incidents can not be resolved despite all efforts made: In case of a harsh violation of our principles, the arbitration board is tasked with hearing all parties involved. The arbitration board can then take appropriate measures to guarantee the security and safety of every attendee.

What is the arbitration board's goal?

The goal of the arbitration board is to make sure that everybody can feel safe at the event. It is not our goal to place blame or punish – we define a solution for the duration of the event.

What kind of incidents does the arbitration board handle?

The arbitration board handles gross violations of our principles. Examples include:

  • harassment
  • stalking
  • assault
  • sexual harassment
  • as well as violations of our principles.

We acknowledge that such cases cannot be "solved" or "compensated." In a situation that is hard for everybody, we make sure that at least everybody can feel safe going forward.

What kind of sanctions can the arbitration board apply?

The arbitration board can impose the following sanctions:

  • a formal warning
  • restrictions, for example a restraining order
  • temporary or permanent ban from the upcoming or currently running event
  • permanent ban from multiple future events

A transgression against restrictions will be sanctioned separately and can lead to a permanent ban from the event. The arbitration board speaks on behalf of the organizers when imposing sanctions.

How does the arbitration board make a decision?

The arbitration board is imbued with the competence to pass rulings with binding and potentially far-reaching consequences. It therefore follows particular rules of procedure to ensure an equal and fair process for every person.

Who are the members of the arbitration board?

The members of the arbitration board are appointed by the CCC board. They enjoy the community's trust and are experienced in resolving and dealing with conflicts.

The arbitration board members are introduced here.