The members of the arbitration board are appointed by the board of the CCC. Please note that members abstain from commenting on past or current proceedings. Any contact will be made via the officials channels.


Each case is handled by a subset of 3 members of the arbitration board. On October 25th, 2018 the following persons have been appointed:

Portrait Agnes Meyder AKA melzai
melzai from Hamburg is member of the CCCHH actively engaged with the Haecksen. She works as a computer science PhD student.

Portrait Ron
Ron from Hamburg is a veteran member of the CCC and known for the yearly Security Nightmares.

Portrait Hans-Peter Oeri AKA KampfCaspar
HP from St.Gallen (CH) is co-founder of the CCC Switzerland and works with the CERT during events. He works as attorney and economist.

Portrait Caroline Kikisch AKA slightly
Caroline from Hamburg, Germany is a confidant in CCCHH and used to be active in the C§ Awareness Team.
She works as a systemic consultant and mediator.

Portrait Henryk Plötz
Henryk from Berlin is member of the CCCB and involved in the (supervision/mentoring) of contributors. He works as security researcher and consultant.

Portrait Julius Mittenzwei
Julius from Munich is member of the CCC for close to 20 years and engaged in the events. He is attorney but works as CTO.

Portrait Korina Winter
Korina is a psychologist.


The arbitration body is supported by experts. These include:

  • Jan Kalbitzer
    specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy